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Something in the Water

September 30th, 2007

Holy cow. This has got to be the best scare story in general (but also for global warming) to date. Seriously. Awesome. Thanks for sending me this, Emily. Full body shudder.

Actually…while I’m at it. If you, like me, thought that My Neighbor Totoro (poster) was ever-so-slightly creepy, you need to see this incredibly disturbing / frightening reworking of the poster by a self-styled macabre user called sachsen on DeviantArt. (Kudos for not selling work based on copyrighted characters, by the way.) Full body shudder number 2.

If that freaked you out too much, go check out Backstroke of the West, and all will be set right with laughter. That’s all for this incredibly useless / dated post. But hopefully it was entertaining. Back to my regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow…

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