R.I.P. Anpanman

February 26th, 2008

I was stunned to come across the scene of a crime involving a celebrity while jogging. This is a small fishing island. We don’t usually get such big stars around here. We certainly don’t usually get them dead on the rocky shores of a hard to access beach. I’m thinking professional hit job, my fellow island ALT Will, or a rough encounter with a devious pastry-like baked femme fatale. Any other speculation? My high school kids are going to be distraught when they see this on the news (or I tell them). Then again, maybe they’ll just laugh. You never know. Grief is sometimes expressed in strange ways.

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  • http://surrealu.blogspot.com claytonian

    why I think this case is on the Middle-aged Detective-woman show, which is on around 11:30 am weekdays here

    claytonian’s last blog post: Sour Grapes

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    Too bad I’m doing nothing here at work. I could go watch the show and figure out why Anpanman lies dead at the bottom of a cliff wall on the back road near a scenic vista gazebo. I mean…I really want to know.

  • http://www.nicolecleary.com Nicole

    he appears to have been suffocated with a bag. Sad. I guess his super power of letting people EAT HIS HEAD didn’t come in useful. Shocking that.

    Nicole’s last blog post: A Much Anticipated Glimpse Of The Naked Man? Festival

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    Chuck – You kill me. :-D Ha ha ha. ( :-? Kill…hmmm…where were you 2 nights ago?)

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  • Aileen


    its so sad

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    It is pretty sad, Aileen. Let’s hope it was his stunt double.

  • http://none Jake

    Hey, I was the former ALT on Hakata Island. Looks like you are having fun, eh? Hope everything is going well…