Salt Softserve, Shrines, and Scenic Art

Whoo hoo! The last video from the daytrip – the first stage of the Imabari City Foreign Tourism Project – has now been uploaded! Actually, I uploaded it ages ago and simply ran out of time to post it here, too, so many of you have already seen it. Anyhoo, as I hinted in the annotations on an earlier video, it contains a brief glimpse of a naked lady on a towel. Stay classy, Omishima. Ha ha.

In the video, you can see us enjoy some primo Hakata Salt Ice Cream. There’s a recipe available for it on the official Hakata Salt website – check it out if you’d like to give it a go. You can see the Japanese Wikipedia entry for the uber-impressive Oyamazumi Shrine on Omishima here. If you don’t read Japanese, you can just know that it houses a seriously astounding collection of Japanese National Treasures – in the form of oldschool armor. It’s great. The video finishes off with a few shots from the Tokoro Art Museum. My favorite part (other than the self-serve coffee and astounding view) was the wooden vending machine. I’d love it if it did give me change in toothpicks. ;-)

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  • Mom

    Enjoyed the video as always…. does the soft-serve ice cream really taste like salt??
    Beautiful scenery at the end….

  • Deas

    It's like a really deep vanilla flavor, accentuated with salt. Like eating
    French Vanilla (with bits of the bean left in) with a pretzel stick.
    Basically, heaven. Mmmm.

  • Meeeeelly

    Ohh, I know that adding salt to dessert makes it more sweet! It must've been good.

    I thought it was funny how you guys were arguing about the color of the ice cream in the beginning, haha. C:

  • Jonadab

    My grandparents on my mom's side used to eat their ice cream with saltine crackers, so I guess vanilla with salt isn't the weirdest flavor of ice cream I've heard of. Come to think of it, I know it's not. When my sister was in Belem (in Para, Brasil), they offered her a ham-and-cheese flavor of ice cream that they called “Romeo and Juliet”. That's easily twice as weird as salty vanilla. (For the record, she didn't try it. There were a lot of flavors available; she opted for some of the tropical fruit flavors and came back raving about something pronounced “coopoo asu”.)

  • Tom

    There's a restaurant in the UK called The Fat Duck that a couple of years ago was selected as “The Best Restaurant in the World(!)” by some organisation or other, and they're known for flavours and combinations of foods that seem crazy but which (obviously) work very well. I've heard they had bacon and egg ice cream and pommery grain mustard ice cream, while according to Wikipedia they also had sardine on toast sorbet. It's all something called 'molecular gastronomy' it seems. Check them out.

  • IEatMyPigeon

    Super cool, Deas. “Cool” … salt ice cream. Get it? And those towels – off the chain!

  • Deas

    Ha ha ha. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked it!

  • McAlpine

    Any idea why the ice cream appears to be green? I know if I tried it I'd like it.

  • Deas

    We answer that one in the video if you've got the audio up. ;-) They dye the
    salt ice cream just a bit to differentiate it from the regular vanilla.
    Otherwise they'd mix them up when they gave out orders that included both

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