Majestic Sakura

April 11th, 2010
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  • Jonadab

    Signs you have lived in Japan: someone mentions cherry trees, and the first thing you think of is the blossoms, rather than the fruit.

    My mom grew up on a farm that happened to have a small cherry orchard, in addition to various other fruit trees. She'll speak at length about the cherries, of which they used to can dozens of quarts every year, but I've never once heard her so much as mention the blossoms.

  • Mom

    Absolutely breathtaking! Haven't seen any pictures of the cherry trees in DC this year…. Thinking of you!

  • Deas

    Hi Mom – I'm glad you liked it! These trees are really gorgeous – even after
    all the petals have fallen away, they start to turn green, and then they're
    just lovely as regular old trees too. I think I want one someday.

  • Jane @ Parking in Paris

    Sakura is the most significant trees in Japan. The Japanese celebrate cherry blossom festival during Sakura flowers blooming period.