A Humble Request: 頼むよ!お願いします!

April 19th, 2011

For anybody who still follows this blog: first, bless your soul; second, I’ve got a favor to ask.


I’ve got a super selfish request to make. My fiancee and I entered a contest a few weeks ago, but didn’t make the final cut. We were super bummed about it. The contest was for free wedding photography from a pretty awesome (read: we cannot afford her even in our dreams) international photographer. Lo and behold, we got an email last weekend: one of the final couples dropped out and we were the next couple on the list (read: almost made the cut the first time)! We accepted the offer to join the contest in progress. And now we need your help big time!

The hitch? We didn’t get added until all the other couples had already been gathering votes for a full week. We are in serious underdog mode here, but I am hopeful that we can win this thing with the help of you all.

The other hitch? They made voting for this thing a rather convoluted process. You have to like the photographer on Facebook (and continue liking them until all the votes are tallied), then use the contact form on the photographer’s blog to register your vote. They’ll apparently cross check the names with the “Like” page on Facebook to check for duplicates. This makes voting really hard for our internet illiterate (and computer illiterate) family members and friends, many of whom don’t even have FB accounts in the first place. Sigh. This is where you come in.

You may have already watched the embedded YouTube video above. If you have, awesome! If not, you can also check out this quick screenshot walkthrough.

Step 1: LIKE the photographer and go to her website. (Use the button right on the blog if you’re already signed into Facebook to cut down on hassle.)

Step 2: Click the contact link at the top of the page, add your name and email address in the appropriate filters, and then write something like “I am voting for couple #6!” in the message box. Hit submit, and bring us one tiny step closer to overcoming our underdog status.

Note: for your vote to be counted, you must continue to “like” the photographer until the votes have been counted, at which point, be my guest and “un-like” them…but for the love of pete, wait until your vote has been counted – May 2nd or 3rd should be safe. (Some have liked, voted, and un-liked in quick succession, which undoes their vote. Noooo!)

I don’t know if we will win, but I know that the other couples are probably just as driven as we are if they realize the incredible value being offered here, and are still probably pretty far in the lead considering that they’ve had a full week to gather votes while we didn’t even know we were in the running. Maybe you can make up the difference! Thanks very much to those of you who’ve liked the photographer on Facebook already and who have commented elsewhere to let me know you’ve voted for us. You guys rule. Please spread this around and get as many willing people as possible to vote for couple number six. I really want to make my fiancee smile by telling her we won. Man…how cool would that be?!

- Deas

PS – If you can think of any other way I might be able to gin up votes, please tell me. This means a lot to me, and I’m clearly not too proud to beg.

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  • Adam

    Done! Good luck!

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    Thanks very much, Adam! I really appreciate it!

  • x_stei

    Congratulations and good luck! =)

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    Yaaay! Thanks so much for your vote!

  • http://twitter.com/Waikikinme FuKnWitU

    I hope you fuckin lose….winning is for winners. Let's keep it that way. I'm crossing my fingers that you get the big FAIL

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    Thanks! …wait…

  • aggie

    Just voted! I'm a supporter of long-distance relationships<3
    良い先生になって彼女を幸せにしてあげてね :]

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    Thanks so much! Hopefully we can make this happen!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonallen1966 Jonathan Allen

    Hi Dias, good luck with your entry into her comp.
    my wife and I have both voted for you!
    All the best.

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    Wow – thanks very much! That was super kind of you, and I'm very grateful

    for your votes. Please pass my thanks on to your wife as well. 頑張ります!

  • Evilbeard

    How did you do?

  • http://www.rockinginhakata.com Deas

    Came in 3rd. Lost. :-( Thanks for the support! Unfortunately I have to burn

    through the aftermath of the loss now. I have 600+ people to thank and also

    apologize to for bugging them for their votes. I really hate these contests.

    Won't be doing another.

  • Rachael

    Where is your wedding going to be? You might try checking around- if she goes to Bridal shows near where you are going to be hitched, she can enter into lots of things- there's only a small pool of people who go to these shows, and if it doesn't cover photography, it will cover flowers, cakes, catering, venues, ect.

    I know I'm months and months late, but hopefully that will be a little helpful? (PS, I'm in a long distance relationship too- I know how stressful it can get! I wish you the best for you and yours!)