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Netbook Partitioning

May 8th, 2009

Some of you may have recently noticed that I’m a fan of Ubuntu, thanks to the countdown to version 9.04 and OS logo at the bottom of my sidebar and my post about the Ubuntu Manga PR. I’m a complete newcomer to the world of Linux, but I now use Ubuntu on my Asus Eee PC 1000HA netbook, installed alongside Windows XP. They’re set up so that I share a large chunk of space for files accessible from either OS. I thought I’d briefly explain how I did that in case anyone out there is curious. (Short version: this is a geek post.) Read more if you’re still interested! Normal posts will resume soon for the non-geeks, so don’t worry. I’m just in tinkering mode lately. Read more…

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Ubuntu Manga

April 23rd, 2009

How cool is this? There’s a free manga out there about the Ubuntu Linux distribution. I assume it’s a PR thing, but you should totally check it out! It’s a free Creative Commons Licensed PDF download away, and it’s available in Japanese AND English (and Spanish, Portuguese, French, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, and Korean so far), for those studious readers out there. Odds are that if you’re an Ubuntu fan (I’m writing this on my Ubuntu OS based Eee PC 1000 netbook, so I count), then you’ve likely already seen this. If you’ve never heard of Ubuntu before, or think Linux is scary, this is a great way to introduce you to a free operating system. Why not check it out?

(I will remove these hotlinks after a few days and leave only the links to the sources developing the translations. The file names will likely change, and it’s semi-bad manners even for free distribution stuff, etc.)

(An example frame, side by side, for comparison.)

I often wonder about Linux’s popularity in Japan. I’ve known 2 other people in Japan who use it at all. Aaron, a former CIR who now localizes games, originally encouraged me to try Linux (Ubuntu was the “flavor” he favored at the time, dunno what distro he’s toying with nowadays). Then there’s a non-English teacher (no idea what he teaches, but it’s not English) at one of my high schools who I’ve caught playing with Fedora at work. To his shock (and horror?), I knew what it was and enthusiastically encouraged him to continue toying with it. I honestly can’t imagine Japan’s average workplace without old, crappy leased Windows machines. But I wish I could! Think of the yen that would be saved. Think of the pocket change to be saved. Ha ha. It’s mind boggling.

If you happen to use Ubuntu already, and you’re curious about Japanese input options, let me point you to this thread. It’s a little dated, but it worked on Ubuntu 8.10 for me just the same. It helped me install Anthy (like Microsoft IME or Atok) and some helpful fonts. Once I set it all up, I find it easier to type in Japanese in Ubuntu than I do on Windows. The only thing that’s not as accurate is maybe the handwriting recognition for kanji lookups. I’ve found another page here that might be helpful if you’re interested in the differences between SCIM and UIM. (That’s not scary, but it sounds scary. Like a lot of Linux stuff.) :-)

Via DoctorMO which was linked by GeekDad, who got the attention of BoingBoing.

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