Articles & Writings

This page will be used to collect a table of contents of my non-blog writings. I don’t know how often that will actually be, but hey, here’s the list. When possible, the files are hosted on my webserver, so that the burden falls on me, not the folks for whom I wrote.

Imabari i-News – Introduction Page (PDF)
Imabari i-News – “Living in Transition” (PDF)
Imabari i-News – “How to Host a Quick-and-Easy Western Party” (PDF)
Waseda UniversityBeautiful Stranger Anthropological Short (FLV)
Imabari i-News – Back Cover Member Blurb (PDF)
Imabari i-News – “Graduation Ceremonies” (PDF)

That’s all for now, but check back once in a while to see if there’s anything new. I’ll update this page as new stuff gets printed.
- Deas

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  • R. Larry Mangum

    Deas, The car is yours whenever you come back. We will save it for you. Hope you will enjoy it. I only ask that you return the favor to someone some time.
    R. Larry Mangum